Наложенный платеж наличными

Вы можете перевести деньги за товар Отправителю после получения груза на складе. К отправке принимается национальная валюта – гривня – в отделениях компании «Деливери», в которых есть специальная касса денежных переводов. Оплатить услугу может как Отправитель, так и Получатель.
Сумма наложенного платежа по одной квитанции может составлять 149 999 грн.
Стоимость услуги составляет 10 грн. + 1,5% от указанной суммы наложенного платежа.

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Delivery-Express Автопрайс

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What is this?

Collect on delivery is a payment method of the end users of goods with their forwarder in which transportation company acts as a guarantor that the cargo will be issued to the receiver only after payment of its declared value.

Warning! Payment services "Collect on delivery payment to the card account" carried out only through User Area on the website !

What are the advantages?


All operations on insurance and payment of the cargo, money transfer for goods or forwarding services can be made through client user area.



Twenty-four-hour possibility to manage payments through User area does not affix client to the special schedule opposed to bank branches.



Client personal information is warranted protected from external usage.     


That is the cost?

Cost of collect on delivery service from company “Delivery” is 10 UAH.

Bank charge is 1% from the amount plus 5 UAH.

What are the special conditions?

  • Crediting of monetary fund in national currency (UAH) on the cards of Ukrainian banks.
  • Term of crediting of monetary fund depends on work of bank, and, usually, it takes less than 30 minutes.
  • The cargo is insured in a mandatory manner. While receipt execution with collect on delivery sum of insurance should be not less than sum of collect on delivery.
  • Sender can change the sum of collect on delivery only before the payer pays collect on delivery.
  • You can change card number according to receipt only after receiving letter from manager.

How to order?

Guarantee of service safety

For the purpose of the project “Collect of delivery payment to the card account” company “Delivery” concluded an agreement about partnership with famous homeland company Рortmone.com which is involved in the branch of electronic accounts delivery from the service provider. Рortmone.com was established in 2002. This is the first company which successfully passed international security audit for conformity with standard of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and received certificate No 499938160140108 issued by the German company SRC (Security Research and Consulting GmbH).

SRC is an independent audit company which carries out certification for conformity with all requirements of safety (MasterCard Site Data Protection  and VISA Account Information Security) fixed by the main payment service providers VISA and MasterCard.


  • identification of the common company security policy;
  • providing of reliable private data encrypting and sending of them through the net only in in encrypted form;
  • differentiation of data access grounding on official duties and powers;
  • definition of the development process requirements, testing and software implementation;
  • regular process of system scanning in order to identify vulnerabilities and their subsequent removal;
  • antiviral programs installation for system and data protection.

Consequently, if you use our new service “Collect of delivery payment to the card account” you can be sure that your personal data and information are in safe.


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